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Giermo Neurosis: Oaty 23

[12:35] soleilsmile: You’re so results oriented
[12:35] soleilsmile: Oh no….there making light of the houri’s!
[12:36] oaty23: how much money?
[12:36] soleilsmile: That’s not funny at all!
[12:36] soleilsmile: money?
[12:36] oaty23: how presteigus?
[12:36] oaty23: how hot is your Girlfreind
[12:36] soleilsmile: ?
[12:37] oaty23: how big is your house
[12:37] oaty23: results results
[12:37] soleilsmile: I think you’re supposed to be talking to another person Aaron
[12:37] soleilsmile: OH!
[12:37] soleilsmile: The context arises
[12:37] soleilsmile: You’re an artist; you design the rules, not follow them
[12:38] oaty23: eyah
[12:38] oaty23: i am impulsive,,
[12:38] soleilsmile: not good
[12:38] soleilsmile: But that’s you cross to bear
[12:39] soleilsmile: Not all guys are like that, thank god
[12:39] soleilsmile: I have a young friend named Ryan, that company’s fight over, but he’s all about improving himself artistically
[12:39] soleilsmile: and they will wait
[12:39] soleilsmile: He’s a great inspiration
[12:39] oaty23: yeah i suck
[12:40] soleilsmile: I even made a character out of him for Superficial
[12:40] soleilsmile: You don’t have to suck


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