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Superficial* is a web comic and comic book property by HipChick Comics. The series is about a Mikado family named the Jasians and their interaction with mortals and the rest of the world’s pagan deities in the modern day. Superficial* as whole has two titles: Jasian Genetic that runs from fall to spring and In Between Days which features the comic in the summer. Jasian Genetic is the main storyline that revolve around the main character of Sakura, the reluctant heroine who always resolves the episodic conflicts of the stories.

The series mainly focuses on two sisters, Sakura and Nami, who are part of the Japanese Shinto pantheon. Sakura is introverted and strives to keep the family tradition of secrecy in tact, whereas Nami seeks fame and yearns to let the world know the significant of the Jasians existence. On the surface, Nami ideology of inclusion is attractive, but in reality it can topple stability of the world’s belief system and the anonymity of the gods: because the gods really do walk among us.
The individual plots of Superficial* range from the profound deific maintenance and guidance of the world to the more light-hearted stories of the relationships between the deities and their favored mortals. In the second volume of Superficial* the two threads merge as the world pantheon of gods bend the universe to pander to a single mortal: Mikka, the matriarch of the Jasian family.

Sakura is Ko-no-Hana The Blossom Princess, she is the goddess of spring and the one who as well as the Yama-no-kami Goddess of the hunt, forest, agriculture and vegetation the remainder of the year.She is always in a constant power struggle with her sister Nami.Sakura is currently a world class principle ballerina.
Nami is the Yuki Onna (Snow Queen)Goddess of Winter as well as the water goddess Ame-No-Mi-Kumari the remainder of the year. Sakura and Nami on the surface are like any two twenty something women; the have careers and lovers and friends. Nami in fact is a former recording artist who has had to sacrifice her career to preserve her family’s anonymity.Currently she is a broadcasting exectuve for one her family radipo stations. It is only when a random occurrence or the chronic call to duty that awakens them to their goddess hoods. Their younger sister Maloni incurs most of the incidents.
Maloni is the youngest sister of the Jasians. Maloni’s indentity as a goddess is unknown. What is known is her classification: a celestial and that she is also a member of the Hindo pantheon. Maloni powers are comparable to Vishnu the creator god. Although Vishnu is usually depicted as male, Maloni may very well be a shakti (incarnation) of Vishnu, for the gods of the Hindu panteon are vast and elusive. Nevertheless, Maloni is an enigma as well as a goddess out of her region. She has only her congenial personality to hold her place in Japan as a resident, and when the time calls for it—the protection of her sisters who love her.
Although, she is more powerful than her two elder sisters, Maloni has a knack for getting herself into the kind of trouble, which snowballs into epic proportions, which Nami usually makes worse in her power play efforts, hence leaving Sakura to mop up before mom comes home.

Mikka: is the Jasian family matriarch. Mikka is not a goddess, but a mortal. Mikka is a powerful wicca who just happened to land herself a god for husband. Mikka may be mortal, but she is a tough and powerful manager and her family affectionately refers her as a “MomGod”.

Hiruko: The dapper Man of the family of crazy goddesses and a white witch. Hiruko is the Shinto god of the morning sun. He shines over Japans families ensuring that her children grow up happy and strong and he doesn’t stop short of his own family.

Web Comics and Print

Superficial* has two enities:

JasianGenetic is the main storyline and is action adventure/sci-fi/fantasy oriented. The plots feature Sakura as the heroine and Nami as the main antagonist.

In Between Days or the Summer Stories of Superficial*. These stories are more character driven and usually feature Nami as a protagonist and have romantic and real world premises.

Jasian Genetic is slated for print as a graphic novel in December 2007.

The “Missed Connections” issue of In Between Days will be included in an anthology for A.P.E. (Alternative Press Expo) in 2008.


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