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Superficial* In Between Days: Giermo; Casual Encounters

Succubus. Yuki Onna is known for killing her victims in their beds leaving a frosted corpse in her post coital wake.

Nami wakes with a start with Giermo. She tears madly at her hair ( which grows to ankle length eash night when she is the Snow Mountain woman. Just then as she tears she notices something wonderful..her brown hand. Nami hugs herself and caresses her complexion. She is not the Yuki Onna in the warm months. He latest boyfriend is safe.
Giermo sleeps like a big yellow tom cat in the modifies cockpit. Nami want to curl up like a kitten next to him and have a lazy morning of cuddling, but she has work to do. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have deity duties. They’re just different that all and performed when she is conscious. In the warn months Nami is the Water Goddess Ame-No-Mi-Kumari—and it time to send the tide back out to sea!

Nami performs herr amazing duties as goddess, and administers the positive effects of hurricane to local animal life vegetation that can now re-inhabit abandoned human structures etc. As she finshes, she noticed that Giermo had risen and is wathcing her with fear and reverance. She alights the docking pier where Giermo is standing and offers to take him home. Giermo refuses and assures Nami that no further suicide attemtps will be made and that he is more than capable of getting home. Giermo is a bit of closeted chauvanist and threatened by Nami’s powers.
Nami leaves him to his own devices and flies away in her seaplane. She chuckles to herself as she heads toward the open sea. It will be impossible for Giermo to get home without her help because her storm has submerged the island. No human can survive in the life aquatic. She’ll come back and retrieve him later.


Nami meets Sakura for a tete. She admits that now that her singing career is over that she is lonely. The job as a broadcasting executive is too easy for her and she would rather work with people again…perhaps as an agent. She would also like someone to come home to which leads her into telling her sister about Giermo. Sakura inquires whether or not Giermo is from their “world” and if he’s a wise choice as a signicant other. Nami insists that she knows what she’s doing and that Sakura must not meddle in her affairs. Sakura has had a habit of acting as body guards of her two sister’s hearts ever since Maloni was mishandled by a roving former beau. The two sister finish their meal.Afterwhich, Sakura flies off for a pleasure fly and warns Nami of the dangers of her new project. Nami informs Sakura that she had better go collect her new toy before her dies of exposure and reef shark bite!

Nami returns to the grotto the find Giermo playing with the mantees. How at home he is in these waters. Nami who assumed that her new love is merely a surfer boy, is shortly informed that Giermo is a marine biology student working on his dissertation.

Well hush my mouth.

Nami 1
Giermo 1

Giermo than concedes to a ride home from his captor and Nami gleefully obliges. But first we have to wait for the flood waters to recede so off to Mum’s to dry out and dinner. Giermo perks at the word dinner.
Unbeknownst to Giermo, Mom’s place is smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Giermo quakes in flight as they fly into the electric clouds. He is even more taken aback when Nami demonstrates the simple secret of getting through the Triangle: turn off your radio and all electrical equipment.
As they move further into the gloom they encounter a number of strange sea creatures. Nami is non-plussed, yet Giermo is getting more and more tweaked with organism. Then the coupe de gras: Nami coos at something beneath the plane. Giermo expects a cute little fuzzy something, when actually a 500 foot white shark erupts from the sea. Nami points out that “Blanca” is merely a pet of her mothers and is dropping by to say hello. Nami quickly adds that Blanca provides an escort past more threatening denizens of the Atlantic: The Sea of Sea Monsters.
They come out of the clouds and to a chain of islands arranged like a necklace. Blanca submerges leaving Giermo perplexed when Nami stops the sea plane. She tells Giermo is safe to relax and that the water is warm and the two swim to a float that is buoyed a few yards from a nearby island. Giermo plays about in paradise for a while when Sakura alights the float. He is instantly fascinated by her.
Sakura ignores his gawking and approaches her sister. So we’re wrapping him and taking him home to mama are we? Nami confirms and then asks a favor: a ahir cut. Sakura looks on quizzitively. Nami keeps her hair long in the summer, why the change. However, Nami looks quite fervents as images of herself as a succubus reel about in her mind. She wants no semblence of summer self to the ghostly winter self.
Sakura cuts Nami’s sumi tresses to her corporate quintessiental bob and turns to Giermo. Giermo’s attraction had stopped the instant her long hair fell the ground and now he has his sights set on Sakura.
Xiomara: Looks like he’s instending to stay alive all right. He’s already playing the ultimate game in a man’s life.
Giermo turns to find that the sea has a face. A beautiful dark woman with shells braided in her hair and a body like a meramaid except the currents of the sea is in place of a tail.

Ready for take off! Nami exclaims and before her knows it, Giermo is whisked off again. Where are going now he says? To my mothers’s at last, Nami replies. My mom liked her privacy and Sakura must alret her that guests have arriving. Sakura fast as a ravor kite glides ahead of them. She hovers for a moments ansd perfoms a whirly dance with her fan glider. Suddenly the clouds glow a brillaint blue-white and dramatically part revealing a air craft carrier moored a at a dock to a sort of resort. As Nami decends on to the runway lined with airplanes of all wonderful sorts. A gadget buff’s heaven. There is so m uch to see, Giermo resembles a kid at Christmas. Who own all of these marvelous planes. Well, actually they are commissions designed and built my parents. You see, my father deisgns them—
“And I build them”
Standing before a beaming a Nami and an agast Giermo who’s on the verge of an embarrassing “emergence”, is the most beautiful BLONDE he hs ever seen.


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