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Jennifer Love Hewitt Saves the Day

This is was nice of Jen. Thanks girl!
In a nod to curvaceous women everywhere, Jennifer Love Hewitt has launched a line of clothing that both supports and accentuates the figures of large breasted women. The line is intended to enhance rather than minimize god-given assets.

Love-Hewitt says, “If you have big breasts like I do, your design choices are limited. You’re either stuck with stuff that’s too tight and hurts because your boobs get squashed or you end up with baggy styles that hang out over your boobs and make you look fat. My new ‘Enhance’ line of clothing is designed to do just that – provide women with clothes that both enhance big curves as well as provide proper support for larger breasts. Let’s face it, big breasts are heavy and it gets very painful when gravity is pulling them downward. “

Love-Hewitt says the idea for the new line came to her when she and a friend where trying on clothes together in a store a year ago, “She’s huge. She has to wear this huge bra. It’s like a harness. She can never find ay clothes that fit. She’s constantly bulging out of her bra and clothes. I’m not as big as her but I still have trouble finding clothes that fit and I said there has to be a better way.”

Love-Hewitt consulted with Shoshonna Lonstien, another very curvaceous woman with her own line of clothing for women with curves, and decided to launch “Enhance”. The line will include specially designed bras and tops sold in cup sizes from D up to K as well as the more fun fashions shown in the accompanying picture. She hopes the line will “give women the courage to take that baggy t shirt off and show the world what they’ve got.”

Acknowledging the trend towards larger breasts among younger girls coupled with earlier development, Love-Hewitt is also launching a Youth version of “Enhance” for tweens and teens struggling with early and larger than normal development. “Girls are very self conscious about their figures,” says Love-Hewitt, “and I want this line of clothing to help them to build their confidence and to be proud of the bodies they have.” It’s not clear though how well received the cleavage enhancing designs will be to parents and teachers.

The line will be supported with an ad campaign set to launch before the Holidays and will include print, radio and billboards.

“Big breasts are beautiful. I have them and I love them. Most big breasted women would too if they only had clothes that properly supported the added weight.” (J)


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