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Superficial New Year-Script

JASAI UCHI, KURILS. DOWNSHOT a banquet table of delectable goodies Maloni has prepared. Although Maloni is very proud of herself the other girls have reservations.


Maloni! With a spread like this no one is going to be ready to service her boyfriend tonight!

Sigrid who is about merrily munch on on truffles in the background whines as Klashka takes away her treats. [Running gag: Sigrid’s pursuit of a private place to eat her truffles: refer to Peggy’s tragedy of the truffles.]
SAKURA walks into the great room in a body stocking and he long cherry hair wrapped around her Mary Magdeline style. She is careful not to approach the food, but that still doesn’t deter KLASHKA and KIREI for upbraiding her on manners.

Sakura chan, is it is not customary to be dressed for the arrival of your guests?

It is when you have a dresser prior to their arrival. However, Maloni’s spell bars anyone including staff from appearing before 6, so near naked I stand.

That’s still no excuse for running around in your near bare.


Music [Fanatastic Plastic Machine’s “Simple Man”] begins and MALONI stands in the middle of the great room. She is painted and studded in a sparkly body stocking spins much to Klashka’s dismay become a sort of disco ball as the guests are teleported into the house in mid-air. EVERYONE in the Superficial Universe is present and beautiful and dancing—-and FLOATING! Guests of all pantheons and their favored humans dance as the hover.
6 noticable guests the Muses greet Maloni and cue another version of dance as the guests are finally lowered onto the floor. A BOLLYWOOD moment is performed as the veiled Muses unveil briefly before the fourth wall to show who they are only to quickly wrap up once males become more previalent.
The guest mingle politely for a while and greet their hostess, Nami, and then go off into their respectable cliques. There is an activity for every clique. Big screen telly for the film buffs and an additional screen for the gamers. The virtual reality projects from the gamers screen and blankets the entire party Soleil Smile is behind this! Indura who is making the rounds dismisses it as a cute prank and wags her finger at Soleil. The HIPCHICKS, the sky GODS etc, and lastly the geeks who are headed by SOLEIL SMILE the missing member of the TABBY SIGGY SOLEIL triumvirate. Soleil looks something like a futuristic ghostbuster and projects a hologram of a multi-player video game world using the “ghostbuster” like machine at her waist.
Holographic envirnments and monsters abound and the geeks race about shouldering lazer tag rifles and game controllers of all shapes and sizes. In their merriment they cause considerable mayem to the other guests so Maloni banished them to the catacombs where they belong. This spurs Nami to recite rules of proper party conduct. . The monsters and machine gun betty holograms dissipate and the disoriented revelers in peace. Once order is restored, everyone laughs the effect off as a part stunt. All’s well that ends well…..almost.

Nami and Kirei “Empress of Manners” walk through the guests. The rules go as follows: Do not pursue those who are not interested in you, Do not deface the house, If you feel sick go home.
Nami then passes SWIFT and fails to regard the significance of his presence.

The spell automatically eliminates offenders so there is no need to worry.

SWIFT weaves through the crowd in search of his red-head. His attention is drawn to the sound of a struggle in the corner. T.Ray and his crew are dressing a reluctant Sakura for her performance. Swift stealthily approaches the melee, but stops as Sydney appears next to Sakura in full costume. Much to Swift’s dismay, Sakura calms at the feel of him and complies with T.Ray’s demands. An exquisite stage couple, Sakura and Sydney greet a small group of theater goers and perform the Arabian Coffee Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker.
Giermo bristles at the sight of Sakura entertaining on Nami’s night and cues Klashka Tse to play their set. KlashkaTse performs Luscious Jackson’s Fantastic Fabulous. Klashka is very suggestive in her behavior toward Giermo in compliance with the song’s lyrics. Her behavior ires Nami who promptly confronts her in her customary cool manner. Klashka then get explosive and lands hands on the Snow Queen who retaliates and puts Klashka in on ice. Since Klashka was not teleported into the party she is exempt from the spell and therefore not banished from the party.

Indura detects trouble. She collaborates with Soleil and her useful hologram toy. It seems that the Jasians has a party crasher who is making himself uncomfortable familiar with the obscure areas of the house. To Indura’s fear, he has wandered to a forbidden realm…. downstairs.
The sublevel is Maloni’s chamber and it is filled with family secrets. Indura shadows DAVID as he explores the eclectic room of gem studded sculptures and cobalt and cadmium paintings. One of the larger sculptures comes to life speaks. The gang member show surprise but not fear, for he threw his soul away ages ago. Like the Sphyx, the sculpture asks him three riddles. David correctly answers two of the questions aptly, but stumbles on the third.

Were you invited to tonight’s event?

David is confident that he was invited to the house to warm as a sympathy case, but no one said anything about him staying long enough to enjoy the party. David was simply forgotten about and in turn took advantage of his good fortune pick the pockets of the wealthy guests and get an extra thrill by digging up dirt about the Jasians. TIMES UP. David tells a half truth and snidely answers “yes”. This show of disrespect offends the Sphinx and earns David a one way trip down her digestive tract!
Aparations of Sakura and Nami appear in the room. The Sphynx who turns out be Maloni turns her heard towards her sisters and bows her head in contemplation. Indura smiles at her daughter and says:



The physical forms of the Sakura, Nami and Maloni come out their trances and continue with their party. T-ray has dressed Sakura in a new ensemble resembling the “Ginza Fruits” and the crowd just loves it! Midnight approaches, and Giermo calls Nami out of the kitchen to assume her rightful place and the center of attention as the birthday girl. Giermo doesn’t like Sakura.When the midnight arrives and Happy New Year cheers is followed by Happy Birthday Snow Queen. Jelly Guru sings Altered Images Happy Birthday and it’s cutsie go-go girl all around with Ginza fruits and Sakura as they’re queen.
Giermo feels that Sakura is stealing Nami’s fire so he convinces KlashkaTse to follow so closely behind that Jelly Guru deosn’t finish their set! This is just fine with Klashka who thinks her goth band is the better act anyway—but the fact that Giermo is the one that instigated the coup encourages her to think that he still desires her. Klashka acts accordingly. KlashkaTse esembles and sings Luscious Jackson’s Fantastis Fabulous. The song has connotations of desire and praise toward whomever the song is sung to. It may appear that Klashka is celebrating Nami’s birthday, but she makes discomforting eye contact with Giermo. Nami returns the favor by setting Klashka on fire at he climax. Her retialiation is so seemless that the crowd interprets the pyro-technics as part of the act.
1am, time for thea guests to leave. Nami makes the announcement and and thank you’s all around. Maloni teleports all of the guests home including the mortified KlaskTse and their singed bandleader. Kat of Jelly Guru has volunteered her band to stay behind and clean up—and help open the presents.
After the party… the girls clean up the house and settle down to the opening of presents. Kat, who is nosey and self righteous obviously volunteered her sevices just to see what Nami received. Kat makes snide comments about every present the people who gave each one. This of course gets on everyone’s nerves. What’s worse is that it is nearly morning and Sakura, Nami and Maloni would like to get some sleep to receive their parents who will be coming at sometime in the morning. No one knows exactly when. The hours pass and Jelly Guru is still there! Sydney and Giermo who planned for a sleep over but Jelly Guru was not! The other two bad members Kirei and Bette express their deepest sympathies towards the family but, they’re annoying little sister has a Napoleon complex like you wouldn’t believe and therefore unable to sway her.
The sun peaks over the horizon and Sakura gets a honey of an idea. She grabs two magnifying glasses off the bookcase and pitched them in a potted plant on the window sill aimed towards back of Kat’s head. Nami catches on and excuse herself to the kitchen to refill everyone’s coffee cups. Kat doesn’t blink an eye and continues wit her oration disparaging her latest victim. With a flash her hair bursts into flames! Mock efforts are made by her two band mates to put out of the flames. Nami comes in with a tray full of hot coffee and iced blended drinks and stands strategically above Kat who capsizes the tray with her head emptying the blazing hot and freezing cold contents on to herself. The fire is put out but the girl is a wreck. When she catches site herself in the living room mirror she screams and runs out of house. Nami apologizes for not escorting her home with a portal for it against the rules—Nami smiles at Sakura and the grateful posse of Jelly Guru feign remorse with impish grins across their faces, leave the family and extended family of Jasai free to enjoy the coming of their parents.

The End

Turning Points- Pushes story into next act
• Raises the central question

• Moment of decision or commitment by protagonist

• Raises the stakes

• It takes the audience into a new arena and different focus for the action

Subplots- add dimension to the story

Foreshadowing & Payoff – visual cue or piece of dialogue that is used to set up an action, or a piece of information that is paid off at a later time in the story


Motif- a recurring image or rhythm or sound that is used thoughout the film to deepen and dimensionalize the storyline and add texture and theme-The Ten Worlds.

Theme- the unifying subject or theme of a story—Sakura can control men, but is deathly afraid of women.


Connecting Through the Stakes
Remember, if the jeopardy is unclear, if there is not a reason to care about the character, then the audience is unable to see any connections between their experience and the experience of the character!

In A Superficial New Years, the stakes are:
Love and Belonging, Esteem and Self-Respect (Leadership), Safety and Security.
Prologue: Survival and Safety and Security, Esteem and Self Respect
Repetition and Contrast: Images, dialogue and character traits that keep the audience focused on an idea.


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