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Felt-tip Faerie

Quotes and Clever for A Superficial New Years

Sigird: Waste of a tall guy

Look up: Latent Oedupus Complex

Verbal Grenade

Sniffing Sharpies

…which we all know trumps all capacity for critical thinking.

PRESTON PARTY BABBLE:If youre paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes fit in a doghouse? None! Icecream doesn’t have bones!!!

Men have two brains, women have two mouths-Nami

What is a man’s idea of foreplay?
A half hour of begging.

Tall woman to short man: Oh, forget it sweetie . You’ll just get lost.

Sakura: “Why do guys always beeline for women who aren’t sexually receptive. It’s not the buxom girls or the flashy fashionistas in the slinky outfits— but the Sally Jo from the midwest” type who are the nymphos.” Sakura points to Sigrid)”See that girl over there with the mouse brown hair and flat on all sides? She’s the one who will keep you happy because she hasnn’t been hit-on since she turned 12!”


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