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Superficial Notes, Quotes and Clever

Marry a Young Man and Be his Slave. Marry an Old One and Be His Darling!
Superficial #7 the deification of Mikka-who flatly refuses. That would mean I would have live through the reprecussions for my actions. How very stressful!
Poseidon: Pity, Mikka would’ve made the most beautiful goddess.
Brynhildr : Or a unicorn!

For me to know and you to find out
–Mikka to Pirsia

The charismatic evil bastard–Arashi of Nami

No, the human is the pet of the cat and in my relationship–I am the cat!
–T.Ray in response to Nami’s “pet system”.

Sorry dear, but I am in need of all 26 floors of my building. Where else am I going to keep my rhinestones?
—T-Ray, turning down Nami’s plea for a San Francicso living space.

Walk with your nose in the air and your skirt down
–Nami and Klashka walking past undesireable men

Oh… you know I love you, warts and all.
–Nami expressing her near unconditional love to Giermo

A balloon filled with scalding hot coffee-Possible noveltly weapon for Tabby or Siggy

Tabby:How do you make love to a man like that(beautiful)? I would freeze up.
Jen: All you have to do is switch off the light.

Hero Stories: the hero must embark on a journey and then come back triumphant.

Heroine Stories: The heroine must endure, no matter the setting.

The only thing a college degree is, is a receipt.
—AAU Graduate

The way to hold on to a job is to pretend to understand what’s going on. Figure it out as you go along.–Norio to Sakura

Superficial #8 (we learn the reason why Sakura is asexual)Opening Season of SF Ballet. Sakura moves desperately and stealthily through the crowds. Her old/ first time lover has returned with a visiting dance troupe. He is still clueless as to why she avoids him. He was a clumsu lover…a cloumsy dangerous lover who can not tell whether the girl pinned beneath is screaming in extacy or for her life. Sakura was the latter. Sakura spots Sydney just as Orin calls after her and give chase. Sakura leap into Sydney’s arms and wraps he entire body around his neck and shoulders and to protect herself form her persuer. Odin stops short and the sight of Syndeys protective stance and the sight of Sakura cliging so tightly to him in fright.

Swift story arc: Obsession with Sakura. He even found a way to sleep in Sakura’s bed when she is present. The trick is, a bed guest is invisible so long as he doesn’t hover over her which triggers her defenses.

Regarding Whiney, chronically depressed men Klashka: A girl may open her heart to a man like that—but not her legs!

Yummy Boy/Puppy Boy- desciption of the two sides of Giermo. Usually quipped by Klashka.

Random party guest:”You had me at beer”

Future sublot Jen: Me and Eric just went to City Hall in our jeans and got married.

Giermo is not a real blond
Nami: You mean that I can be dating a drop dead gorgeous latin god instead of wussy little boy blonde?!!

Andy at Nami’s party addressing various wall flowers (and cheering them up):

“Are you a moonbeam? Who’s the bestest moonbeam?”

As read on a sign in bar:Modern Dancing and Immodest dress stir sexual desire! Leading to lustful flirting, fornication, adultery, divorce, disease, destruction and Judgement!

Base Guitar: Four large strings

Electric Guitar: six small strings

Sakura to Nami”No one is allowed to yell at you but me!”

Nami to Giermo:”No one is allowed to yell at you but me!”

B.C.E: Before Common Era

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