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re:Why can’t men have periods.. (vallejo / benicia)

Reply to: pers-277222272@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-11, 5:22PM PST

Well darlin you dont want to give us men a valid reason to piss and moan do ya? I was going to answer you with the facts of anatomy, about how women have a womb and shed this and that but im sure your well more aware of this then I. More then once ive had my head taken off by a menstrating dame, be it my mom, sister or girlfriend. Do they, you have to appologize for being a raging bitch? No the guy ussually has to stomach it and pretend it was his fault for stepping all over your delicate feelings.
Its just the way the cycle flows buttercup, Eve had to push Adam to pick the apple when he was fine at leaving it. So now you bleed.
You wernt around the rants and rave board a few weeks ago. Alot of men love when aunt flow is in town. Its an aquired taste but it drives some guys into a frenzy, a primal thing. You need to find the guy with the red wings and a 1lb of sees.

This is a rant for woman out there; men might get grossed out so you are warned!

Periods tend to come at the most inopportune time, they sneak up on us woman, I mean yes some woman have their periods at the same time every month, thanks to good genes or the pill, but for those of us that aren’t on the pill and just deal with them naturally, they don’t always come on the same day every month. They tend to come on the day that you least want it to come, for example the drops will come on your birthday, the one day you have to work late, the day you wear a skirt, the day you have a date and mostly the day you are away from your supply of pads or tampons, and are stuck in the woman’s bathroom with no dispenser debating how the hell you got stuck in the same situation again without a pad and no pad in site for hours. I know we now have the option to go on the pill that makes it so you only have three periods a year but hell in my opinion any smart woman can tell that just isn’t right since we get it every month sticking a plug in there is going to probably give you three periods from hell, along with still have to deal with the emotional roller coaster every month since that don’t fade.

Back to the point though periods suck for the other thing most woman know but cant fathom, you are horny when your period hits, and men aren’t going to touch you. Also the reason periods can suck as well, the cramps, we have to pretend around male coworkers, or brothers, (unless we want them to be so grossed out they look at you like you’re an alien)(which can be fun) that we aren’t in pain. This doesn’t work though for we tend to hold it in an share the sympathy with other woman, and this is why we do lash out at the men sometimes for there idiot levels seem to rise when we are on our periods along with our patience being used to stand the cramps.

Now see that might be part of the one or two good things that come out of periods, the ability to bitch and complain for one week a month is quite fabulous, along with the no guilt on you conscience for eating all the chocolate in site. Also I guess some like periods because we can have kids but seriously popping out two kids for 5,328 periods or 37 years or so, the math don’t equal up, that’s all I am going say about that.

Ok as you can tell I am on my period at moment and wanting to bitch so yeah no need to respond, but the queston is why cant men have the periods.

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